Complete Part 2 by composing a section on Background, Significance and Scope of the Problem, and Stakeholders.

For this assignment, you will complete and submit Part 2 of your Professional Nursing Issues Paper. Building on your Introduction, the next section of your paper will discuss the background, significance, and scope of the issue.
Please see the attachment for Part 1 that was completed.
Complete Part 2 by composing a section on Background, Significance and Scope of the Problem, and Stakeholders. This section will:
Expand discussion of the issue using scholarly information literature to research the historical background of the issue and analyze the significance and scope of the problem (four [4] sources minimum).
Identify a minimum of three (3) stakeholders. Discuss the social, economic, political, and ethical considerations for each stakeholder and how they are impacted by the issue.
Ensure your paper includes the contents and matches the writing considerations outlined in the Professional Nursing Issues Paper Assignment Description.
Observe rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation and demonstrate a good writing style and flow as established by the APA Style Manual.
Be sure to add to the references on your Reference page.
Clearly identifies and summarizes the background, significance, and scope of issue, successfully explaining the implications and consequences of the issue. Thoroughly identifies embedded or implicit relationships between the issue and nursing practice.
Thoroughly discusses all required contexts relevant to 3 stakeholders, but also finds other stakeholders and contexts and shows their relevance to the issue.
Uses specific and convincing examples from current literature, making insightful and applicable connections. Ideas are credited to the source.
Writing demonstrates a sophisticated clarity, conciseness, and correctness; extremely well-organized. No spelling, grammatical, or APA style errors.

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