Complete :Read Assignment instructions, and complete the following:1.   Topic

Complete :
Read Assignment instructions, and complete the following:
1.   Topic 1 & 2 discussion (A3S1)
2.  Topic 3 & 4 discussion (A3S2)
3.  Data analysis answers (A3S3)
Support your work with the course readings, scholarly sources, and reliable non-scholarly sources, such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Yahoo! Finance, Statista,,, Money, Forbes, Fortune, Statista, Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review,
All sources need to be cited using APA 7.0 formatting, both within the text and in the reference list. The report should be organized using headings and subheadings to improve its readability.
APA Format
This reference is hanging i.e. starting the second line there is an indentation, for example:
Cai, R. A., & Guinote, A. (2017). Doing many things at a time: Lack of power decreases the ability to multitask. British Journal of
Social Psychology, 56(3), 475–492.

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