Consider the below scenario: Caribbean Energy (CE) has recently taken over a fue

Consider the below scenario: Caribbean Energy (CE) has recently taken over a fuel supply plant which is in close proximity to one of its competitors. The collection point for both fuel companies is located at the same seaport. The general manager of CE intends to hire a consultant to train CE’s employees regarding the new procedures for affixing the fuel lines at the collection point to the high-capacity storage tanks. The Safety Officer is debating whether the competitor should be invited to attend, given that they use the same seaport, as well as, mandating that all non technical staff be in attendance at the training. The General Manager (GM) is mindful of the high cost of hiring the consultant and sourcing the equipment to train CE’s employees and is therefore hesitant to invite his competitors. The GM is also aware that there have been no accidents at the port since operations started 10 years ago and might not invite the competitors to participate in the training. The GM decides, based on the high price for the consultant (facilitation fee, air travel, accommodation, material, etc) that he will not invite the competitor to participate.

You are the Manager in charge of operations and you are aware that a mishap at the port by either company will adversely affect operations in both fuel plants, and quite possible, members of staff.

1. Based on your knowledge of ethical leadership, do you consider the General Manager an ethical or unethical leader, and why?
2. The war between Ukraine and Russia has placed additional demands on the planning and operation departments to increase oil output. To meet deadlines, the departments proposed that the training be deferred until next year, in order to meet increased demands. Should there be an accident, list 1 measure each, that the training would have mitigated against, in this circumstance, for both departments.
All responses must be justified with supporting examples, from the units, research and experiences.

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