Consider the Euthyphro Problem: Either certain actions are morally right because

Consider the Euthyphro Problem: Either certain actions are morally right because God commands them or certain actions are commanded by God because they are morally right. Recall that this is a dilemma, which means we have to accept one of these unappealing options (in other words, one has to be true but both are not great).
In your paper, you will defend a claim about which option you think the Divine Command theorist should take.
Note that you are arguing from a Divine Command theorist’s point of view, so your starting point is that God exists, and your account of morality is: X is permissible if and only if one can do X without violating any of God’s commands, though it is your task to outline which conception of God you’re invoking.
In total, your paper should be about 800 words. You should address the following over the course of your paper:
a. Outline the Divine Command theorist position and any attributes of God you think are relevant to the paper.
b. Explain what the Euthyphro problem is.
c. Clearly describe why each of the options posited by the Euthyphro Problem is unappealing for the Divine Command theorist (e.g., why does right action become arbitrary with one prong? and Why does God become a short-cut or middle man with the other prong? Why are these unappealing for the Divine Command theorist?).
d. Defend a position concerning which option you think the Divine Command theorist should take and that path preserves the Divine Command theorist’s position more.
Your paper should include a brief (~3 sentence) introduction and conclusion. You can use quotes from either of the papers or the video to support your interpretation, but you must try to explain these concepts mainly in your own words. If you do use quotes or say something like “Driver argues that…” you should include an in-text citation that identifies the author and the page number associated with the argument. Be sure to spend some time looking through the rubric before you begin writing the CA.
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