Consider the type of learning the contestant displays throughout the clip.

Remember, you will need to write up your findings in a paper using APA formatting.
Learning objective: After completing this assignment, you will have demonstrated that you can identify in a real-life situation a number of psychological concepts from this semester, including system 1 cognition, theories of persuasion, and learning theory.
View the blog below to view a 4-minute video clip from the TV game show Deal or No Deal. In it, the contestant must make a decision to either try for $1 million or lose and receive only $1.
After viewing the entire video, please answer the following questions in 50 – 100 words each:
Consider the contestant’s decision making. With an entire audience telling him what to do and the host pressuring him to make a decision, which biases or heuristics did the contestant use to make his final decision? You should name at least two. Please support your answer by explaining your choice using information from the text. (Chapter 7 from the text may be of help to you).
Consider the type of learning the contestant displays throughout the clip. Based on the information in chapter six (Learning), what types of conditioning from the following five choices did the participant display (classical, positive/negative, reinforcement/punishment). You should be able to identify three. Please fully support your answer by applying the information from the chapter to the possible outcomes of the participant’s choices. Make sure to indicate which behaviors in the video relate to your answers. (Chapter 6 may be of help to you.)
Consider the types of attitudes and persuasive techniques displayed in the clip. Based on the information in chapter 12 (Social Psychology), what THREE elements of persuasion did the host employ in his interactions with the participant. When citing a particular persuasion theory, please explain the specific parts of the theory that apply. Support all of your conclusions with information taken directly from the text.

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