Create a book report summarizing key content related to women’s lives from this

Create a book report summarizing key content related to women’s lives from this abstract. (200+ words)
Propose three themes to research, integrating information from your popular research sources. (300+ words)
Work for both Step 1 and Step 2 must be a minimum of 500 words.
Cite quotes with parenthetical citations and include a bibliography concerning your book and the three sources, using either APA or MLA citation format.
Copy and paste your work into the rich text editor for this journaling tool (do not worry about line spacing or indent
Research the Unpaid domestic and care work holding women back, Women’s participation in education on the rise worldwide, and Violence against women and girls remains a global issue. This source focused on women’s lives in the culture of focus from information related to three of the themes listed below.
Popular sources are typically not peer-reviewed, are often secondary (or tertiary), and are available to the general public.
Quality popular sources include blog posts, investigative journalism, and subject-oriented websites.
Suggested Research Proposal Themes to choose from:
Impact of traditional cultural roles,
Socio-political impacts,
Social Activism/Social Justice,
Economic impacts,
Religious Impacts,
Race-related impacts,
Impacts of globalization, etc.
Additional themes must be focused on women’s lives relative to the culture represented, here are URL

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