create a clear connection to the topic and/or the post of another student which relates to the topics or

Please follow instructions: Top 5 of all time
Top 5 of all Time
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What are your top 5 rock songs of all time and why? How do they fit into Rock & Roll History? What role did they play in your life? How did/do they shape our culture?
You must create an original response to the prompt and reply to at least 2 other students posts.
For comments/posts to be considered substantive, each one must meet the following criteria:
a) contain a minimum of 180 words for your original post and a minimum of 45 words in response to other students posts per topic and
b) create a clear connection to the topic and/or the post of another student which relates to the topics or
c) extend the meaning of the initial post by offering related yet new information or
d) relate a personal experience to support the discussion topic or
e) reference information from the course text to support the discussion or
f) pose a question to another student or about the topic in general or
g) reference a secondary source that contains helpful information about the discussion topic and, in general,
h) lead the reader to a higher level of understanding about the discussion topic,
i) demonstrate correct grammar and usage (sentence structure, punctuation, spelling), and
j) overall–include content with a high degree of readability.
Responses must be at least 180 words, written in complete sentences with proper grammar, and include references from your reading.
Respond to at least 2 other class members posts for full credit. almost 45 word each
Be sure to cite your sources.

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