Create a comprehensive social media plan for your client. Keep in mind that your

Create a comprehensive social media plan for your client. Keep in mind that your client only has one part-time employee in charge of social media. As a result, all of the social media activity must be executable in under 20 hours per week. In addition, this part-time employee is not extensively trained in social media, so he/she requires detailed instruction on how to execute each piece of the social media plan. Your plan should include all five steps described in the textbook:
Determine the objective
Choose the social media platforms
Plan the content
Distribute and promote content
Measure success
#1 Determine the Objective
You may choose as many objectives as you believe the company can manage effectively. If you choose more than one objective, provide estimated percentage breakdowns of the effort going into each objective (e.g., 80% advertising, 20% posting to increase loyalty). If you choose advertising as your sole objective, keep in mind that the part-time employee will still have to maintain a profile page on the social media platforms you choose.
#2 Choose One Social Media Platform
List the social media platform (from the list below) the employee will actively maintain. Provide a breakdown of how the employee should allocate his/her 20 hours across the platforms (and across the objectives within each platform, if applicable). Justify your choice of platforms (high participation among target market, best targeting capabilities, high engagement potential, etc.).
Social Media Platforms to choose from:
#3 Plan the Content
Detail matters here! The part-time employee will be executing your content campaign plan so he/she needs to be given:
A breakdown of content types: original, user-generated, co-created, or curated
Media types: images with captions, videos, GIFs, plain text
A rough style guide
A breakdown of value appeals in the content: utilitarian, entertainment, community
Examples of possible content: (2 examples)
#4 Distribute and Promote Content
Provide a rough guideline(s). Consider your objective. For example, for the targeting of paid advertising on each of the social media platforms you plan to utilize. If you hope to gain followers to the social media platforms, give the employee instructions on how to obtain these followers (ad campaign to specifically gain followers, calls to action at the conclusion of videos, etc.).
#5 Measure Success
Determine both (1) the most important metrics for the employee to be checking regularly as a sign of good performance, and (2) realistic goals the employee should strive to reach. Look up businesses in the same market to ensure your goals are realistic.
Buhi Supply Co.
An e-commerce and retail bag supplier that specializes in backpack, purse, wallet, satchel and duffel products.
Business GOALS are to find bags that resonate with design-conscious audience, manufacture them at affordable costs, and sell them for a profit at competitive prices.
Buhi aims to design functional bags that evoke nostalgia, bags with enough personality for even the choosiest of Millennials.
**This goal has been a driving factor that has helped Buhi’s sales grow significantly since it was founded in 2009.

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