Create a multi-page infographic or a power point. Your power point, brochure, or

Create a multi-page infographic or a power point.
Your power point, brochure, or multi page infographic may use bullet points and illustrations to organize and convey information. Power points should be approximately ten slides total, plus a slide for references.
Here is the format your document should follow:
On your first slide (or first section of your brochure or infographic), describe the difference between a growth and a fixed mindset. On your next slide or section, identify some of the foundational aspects of middle childhood using the course text and supplemental course readings. What are some key developmental tasks of middle childhood?
For this option, watch the documentary, Growing Up with Gadgets, in its entirety. Then choose some of these questions to answer in your remaining slides:
How might technology, including social media, impact the social development of children?
What might this impact look like in some of the various theories we have studied so far?
What are the potential positive and negative developmental consequences of this type of technology for the various theories we have studied so far?
Discuss the implications of online bullying, including how this specific form of bullying impacts middle childhood development in ways not known to previous generations. What can we do as a society to prevent online bullying?
MUST INCLUDE:Based on your readings and your personal experience, share the following on your final slide: What did you like/dislike about the information in the video(s) that you watched? Do you feel like it offered some insight on concepts in middle childhood? Remember to provide personal and/or scholarly examples as evidence for your answers.
A strong assignment
Contains scholarly analysis, using at least three academic sources to support observations and reflections.
Focuses on theory and research, integrating both throughout
Demonstrates strong, in-depth thought, insight and critical thinking of concepts and application from the module readings and other scholarly sources
Uses a professional, academic writing style with no grammatical or spelling errors
Includes about 8-9 slides of around 800 words or more with creative presentation layout (graphics, charts, etc.) added to enhance your critical thinking and insight on the topic, plus a reference page slide.
Uses three academic sources, two of which are from academic, peer-reviewed journals, plus the text
Uses correct APA in-text citations throughout or individual full citations at the bottom of each slide and includes an APA reference slide

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