create a poster, the poster is on powerpoint and the instructions are clearly detailed in the attached document.

I have highlighted what is needed. There is two parts to this assignment, one is a “journal” which is approx. 2 pages long stating what my observations of the community were, etc. I will attach a windshield tool i conducted so that you can pull information from there to complete this journal. The windshield tool I have created is attached below and labeled “Population Windshield tool”. You can also use the document you created for me to add to this journal as well. I will attach it below as ” Secondary Analysis”.
The second part of this assignment is to create a poster, the poster is on powerpoint and the instructions are clearly detailed in the attached document. The template for this poster is also attached below labeled “Poster Template”.
In addition to driving through the community, you must “hang out” at least one time at a
place in your community
. Examples include, but are not limited to, eating at a local
restaurant (not a national chain), attending a midweek or Sunday church service, shopping
at a local pharmacy, grocery store, or other store, etc.
This is considered participant
observation, so observe your surroundings long enough to be able to make informed
statements about the community
, as you’ll be asked to comment on this experience on
the poster you create at the end of the community assessment project (additionally this
information can be integrated into your Windshield Survey). For your safety, please follow
the CDC guidelines for mask wearing and social distancing if appropriate.
You will write a 1-2 page typed word document
Reflection journal
; reflecting on what
you observed, what you did, impressions, perhaps who you talked to. This is really your
observation which explains what you did for the activity; what you learned (perhaps you
went to a local grocery store and looked at the price of food items or went to a restaurant
and can detail what type of food options and prices were on the menu or foods available in
the area.
If the opportunity presents itself and you are able to talk to a few individuals
within this community who could shed some light on the information you are
collecting, then by all means converse with these individuals and take notes and this
could be used as part of your objective data later used to decide on what educational
topics are chosen for your communit

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