Data and statistics are shared with us every day. In this course, you have explo

Data and statistics are shared with us every day. In this course, you have explored data, visualizing data, central tendency, descriptive statistics, and basics of inferential statistics. In Week 1, you reflected about your experience and thoughts about data. Now that you have learned some additional statistics concepts, let’s reflect again.
Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:
Identify 4 different types of data you have encountered today or this week. Maybe it’s data you read, heard, or saw on television. For each identified data type, do the following:
Discuss where it came from. What was the context?
Summarize the meaning that was communicated.
Provide a critique of the data by discussing the population, sample, and any descriptive or inferential information related to the data. Use examples from concepts in this class to help inform your discussion. What information was present? What was missing? How does that change your perception of the data?

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