define and exemplify further a literary criticism to help support the analysis you are making.

For the final research essay, you will apply one of the schools of literary criticism we learned about in
Unit 3 to one of the texts from the syllabus, besides The Metamorphosis. Please be sure you reviewed my feedback to the Unit 3 assignment, “Research Project: Topic Proposal” as well as your annotated
bibliography from Unit 5 (once it’s completed).
Each essay should include the following:
– An introduction paragraph that introduces the topic and leads into your thesis. Your thesis should focus on what literary criticism you are using and state the story (including author’s name) you are analyzing.
-Body paragraphs that illustrate your thesis – give examples from the story and analyze them through
your literary criticism lens.

– Use of outside sources in your body paragraphs that help to: define and exemplify further a literary
criticism to help support the analysis you are making. This could include researching what was occurring
during the time period the reading was written for example if you’re using the New Historicism lens.
NOTE: Your analysis should be your own — you use outside research on the literary criticism to help
support your analysis.
– A conclusion paragraph that reemphasizes your thesis and sums up the major points of your essay.
Close your essay with some concluding thoughts.
– Proper MLA formatting for your paper and its sources (including a Works Cited page)
– Clear writing free of grammar and spelling errors
Keep in mind the following guidelines:
1250 – 1750 words
MLA format
Cite at least three sources (your primary source text counts as one source)
Topic must be approved by professor
***i will attache the link to the story (just copy and paste the link) ****
also, i did an Annotaded Bibliography for this assignment which is sources that you need to use to for this paper I WILL ATTACH IT AS A PDF ***PLEASE USE THE ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY TO HELP YOU WITH SOURCES THAT I NEED FOR THIS PAPER

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