Define Structures In your own words, what do you consider organizational characteristics? Response…

Quality Costs & Financing Rubric.pdf Download Quality Costs & Financing Rubric.pdf Read Jones, Finkler, Kovner & Mose Chapter 5 & 6 First Post Note: In-text citations (as indicated) & a reference list are required (i.e. cite your textbooks).
In the Discussion Board, include the question followed by your response. (So each question & response is clearly labeled & separated) 1. Define quality And in your own words provide an example of how the point of care nurse can impact the quality Response…
2. Define Structures In your own words, what do you consider organizational characteristics?

3. Define processes (may come from the textbook) And Define outcomes (may come from the textbook)
In your own words, provide an example of what the point of care nurse can do to impact patient satisfaction
4. Where does Nursing fit in the quality-costs-payment scheme of healthcare?
5. What is the role of the nurse manager as part of a healthcare system in maintaining a balance between quality, costs, and payments?
The assignment should be done only from chapters 5 and 6 of the book, the citation and the intext citation should be from the book, I am attaching the rubric and the book itself.
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