Define tables Insert at least 20 records into each table

I have the SQL file created but need the queries added to the file.
Built a relational database in one SQL script file, which can be run in MySQL without any syntax errors.
List your group number and each member’s name
Define tables
Insert at least 20 records into each table
SQL statements for defined business functions
Prepare a word document for identifying business functions. Note that the minimum number of business functions is ten. For each business function, articulate its mean, and discuss its required input data, possible output information, anticipated frequency, anticipated performance goal, and corresponding SQL statement.
The criteria for the SQL statements are:
three queries involving GROUP BY, HAVING, or aggregate operators;
at least one query involving GROUP BY, HAVING, and aggregate operators;
at least five queries with at least two selection conditions;
at least four queries involving two tables;
at least two queries involving at least three tables;
at least four queries involving sorting results.

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