Define the features and purposes of the following multipurpose cables: Lightning, Thunderbolt, Universal Serial Bus (USB), USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB-C.

In this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation for your technology support team to explain basic computer components, operational procedures, and traits that are essential for a career as a technology support technician.
Scenario: You work as an information technology (IT) support specialist for a multinational consumer electronics retailer. Technology sales have grown significantly in the last year. As a result, customer demand for technical support is escalating. The business recently hired 10 level-one support technicians to meet the demand. You were asked by your boss to present a training overview on basic computer hardware and essential operational procedures for the position.

In your PowerPoint presentation, you should include the elements listed below.
Describe three characteristics and skills that are important for a computer support person.
Identify the most common hardware and peripheral devices that technicians will work with on the job.
Define the features and purposes of the following multipurpose cables: Lightning, Thunderbolt, Universal Serial Bus (USB), USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and USB-C.
Outline proper component handling, storage, and grounding.
Describe (in two slides) tips to ensure personal safety when working with computer equipment.
Summarize (using two slides) proper communication techniques and professionalism.
Justify how acquiring the CompTIA 220-1002 A+ certifications would help in a support position.
Your presentation should be a minimum of eight slides in length (not counting the title and reference slides). Use of images, graphics, and diagrams is encouraged.
You can use examples from your personal or professional experiences in developing this assignment. You can also use the resources in the Unit I Required Unit Resources section to assist you with this assignment.
Be sure to follow the 7×7 rule (i.e., there should be no more than seven words per line and no more than seven lines per slide). You are required to use speaker notes to discuss the bullet points on your slides.
You must use at least two outside resources to support your presentation, and you must cite (in APA Style) any information on your slides and in your speaker notes that came from these sources.

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