Democracy and Education Chapter 7 – Teaching American History.pdf

I have attached a doc file of the assignment, as well as the resources to use for the paper. I have also attached the CLOs (Candidate Learning Outcomes) as a PDF
Please make sure to use at least 3 resources per category. Each category can be labeled according to the CLOs as in:
Reflexive Praxis – Continually and deliberately reflect on my practices in light of educational research, professional decisions, and pedagogical approaches.

Learner Centeredness – Create contexts for learning that are driven by evidence-based principles of diversity, difference, inclusion, and equity.
Discipline Knowledge and Skills – Apply knowledge, concepts, and strategies across domains to engage individuals and promote critical thinking and creativity.
Professional Commitment to Action – Demonstrate attitudes, knowledge, skills, and professional ethics that contribute to the success and well-being of all individuals.
Data Literacy and Research – Evaluate, plan, select, and implement appropriate formative and summative assessments–including those that are technology-based–to monitor individuals’ understanding, behavior, and progress.
I really hope this makes sense….
Text 1: Gay, G. (2018). Culturally responsive pedagogical praxis. In Culturally responsive teaching_ theory, research, and practice. New York_ Teachers College Press.PDF
Text 2: Lampert-Shepel, E. (2019, September 30). Learning to Reflect, Developing Reflexive Praxis.pdf
Text 3: Hoffman-Kipp, P., Artiles, A. J., & Lopez-Torres, L. (2003). Beyond reflection_ Teacher learning as praxis. Theory into practice, 42(3), 248-254..pdf

Text 4: Yeboah, A. (2005). Education among Native Americans in the periods before and after contact with Europeans_ An overview. Paper Presented at the Annual National Association of Native American Studies Conference,.pdf
Text 5: Johnson, T. W., & Reed, R. F. (Eds.) (2012). Conflicting educational visions: The Puritans and Thomas Jefferson. In Philosophical documents in education, 4th Ed. New York: Pearson
Text 6:
Text 7: Johnson & Reed, Ch. 7, Local vs. Central Control – Webster, Mann.pdf
Text 8: Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois on Black Progress (1895, 1903).pdf
Text 9: Democracy and Education Chapter 7 – Teaching American History.pdf
Text 10: Milton Friedman, “The Role of Government in Education”.pdf
Text 11: Nel Noddings.pdf
Text 10 – OECD – Education at a Glance 2019 – 5 key findings – OECD Education and Skills Today.pdf

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