Describe a unique event where your effectiveness was reduced due to an inflexibl

Describe a unique event where your effectiveness was reduced due to an inflexible paradigm that you have/had. In the first section (Inside-Out) of Covey’s Seven Habits book there is a great part about the “Power of a Paradigm Shift”. He relates the need for us to examine our paradigms for what he calls the “Aha” experience.
His “subway” story was particularly powerful. In this short paper, we want you to talk about one of these mini-paradigm shifts you’ve had. One of the common mistakes students make on this paper is to talk about others and how they were inflexible, but that’s not the assignment. This is about you.
And as Dr. Covey states we want you to describe how you “saw” things differently, how you “thought” about things in a new way, how you “felt” different, or how you “ behaved” differently as a result of the shifting of YOUR paradigms.
Length: 2-4 pages
APA Style formatting:
An abstract is not required.
The cover page is in addition to the 2-4 pages of written text that are required

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