Describe assessment issues that teachers should be aware of in assisting els in developing

No soorces required
1) provide modifications appropriate based on Moises from the video Immersion.
link for video:
Complete the questions:
2) Extended Thinking and Synthesis Questions: (Remember to type out the questions and answers)
1. Imagine that one of your ELs was looking over another student’s test. Brainstorm reasons why
this EL might have looked at another student’s answers. Then, share how you would handle this
situation. Keep in mind that “cheating” has cultural connotations.
2. Describe assessment issues that teachers should be aware of in assisting ELs in developing
appropriate test-taking skills. Include in your response issues such as cultural and linguistic bias,
testing in two languages, sociopolitical and psychological factors, and the differences between
language proficiency and standardized tests.
3. Articulate ways for parents of ELs to support their children in preparing them for classroom-based
and standardized tests. Include in your response how testing can identify, place, and demonstrate
ELs’ language growth.
4. Present an overview of your understanding on how to implement district, state, and federal
requirements in identifying, reclassifying, and exiting ELs from SOL programs. Include ways describing how to articulate assessment practices to ELs’ families and others in the community.
5. Refer back to the national and state standards listed in the beginning of Part Five, and explain the
importance of demonstrating these standards in designing and administering classroom-based
and standardized tests for ELs. Go to the ESOL in Higher Ed website for activities and resources
in assessing ELs.
3) Provide a topical outline and summary of each section listed below:
– WIDA Perfermance Definitions
– Test Accommodations For EL’s: Defintion and Examples
– Effectiveness Of EL Accommodations
– EL’s And Classroom-Based Assessments

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