Describe how you will apply critical thinking or VUCA to the company that you ch

Describe how you will apply critical thinking or VUCA to the company that you chose to research for the assignment this week. Find a company that has a problem. Apply the VUCA method to fix the problem.
Write an APA-formatted (double-spaced, indented) paper that does the following:
Summarize the problem you researched. Then, apply Kallet’s critical thinking framework to describe how the leadership of this company should think through the problem to create a solution. Next, describe what VUCA considerations the leadership must keep in mind as they implement this solution.
Work on being concise but thorough, keeping your academically formatted paper to no more than 4 double-spaced pages.
Your paper should include, and be organized, as follows:
Introduction: Write an introduction that tells the reader what to expect from this paper (1 paragraph).
It would be most effective to include a brief mention that leaders at Panera bread effectively used an understanding of critical thinking and VUCA to solve their “mosh pit” problem, and that this paper applies a similar framework to solving whatever problem in the organization that you chose.
Choose an organization with a problem that you can research.
Problem: Describe the problem that you will be solving for another company, describing the situation (1–3 paragraphs).
Thinking Critically: Apply the framework for critical thinking as outlined by Michael Kallet in Think Smarter to the problem you identified.
Describe Kallet’s “clarity” concept and apply this to the problem, along with other aspects of Kallet’s model as appropriate.
Describe how critical thinking can be used to understand, and resolve, the problem. If applicable, you can explain how the company already solved this problem, and how critical thinking was applied (2–4 paragraphs).
Applying VUCA: Explain how VUCA could affect the situation. Specifically, apply each aspect of VUCA—volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity—applies to this problem and must be considered in any solutions. (2–4 paragraphs)
Conclusion: Write a conclusion that wraps up and summarizes your document (1 paragraph). The Capella Writing Center, which you can reach by clicking MBA Program Resources, then Writing, has good information on how to write an effective conclusion.
References: Include at least 2 APA-formatted citations in your paper.
Write a 2–4 page academic paper following APA style and formatting.
NOTE: You MUST organize this paper with headings. Any paper submitted without headings will be returned, ungraded, for revision, and points will be deducted.
Competencies Measured
By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and scoring guide criteria:
Competency 2: Apply leadership strengths and behaviors to workplace situations.
Apply a critical thinking framework to a business situation.
Explain how VUCA can affect a business situation.
Competency 4: Communicate effectively through academic and professional writing.
Provide an overview of a business situation.
Develop text using organization, structure, and transitions that demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between the main topic and subtopics.
Integrate appropriate use of scholarly sources, evidence, and citation style.
Convey clear meaning in the text through sound grammar, usage, word choice, and mechanics.
Read: Jargon, J. (2017, June 2). How Panera solved its mosh pit problem. The Wall Street Journal.
John Kallet’s critical thinking model

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