*Describe the controversy embedded in the material; what is the debate concerning?

ntegrate the following questions into a comprehensive essay, 2-3 pages
*Review any reading selection that you’ve chosen from media outlets/current events, feature syndicated authors, journalists, experts, professionals, policy makers, etc.
Please attach article or provide URL
*What is the overall main idea or topic; what is this information about?
*Describe the controversy embedded in the material; what is the debate concerning?
What does the writer assume we know about the topic?
*Consider the writer’s purpose and tone
` –reflecting on personal experience
-sharing opinion
-attempting to persuade readers
-sharing information in order to take action
-use of humor /authoritative or conversational tone?
(could be a combination of these)
*Where did the writer get or obtain this information?
-observation of social trends/behavior of others/ social phenomena
-personal experience
-research data; reference sources; review of policies/reports
*Why did the writer consider this topic of controversy at this time(why is it relevant/significant now?)
*What is your opinion? –reflect about this topic/point of view/ ideas or situations described—and explain briefly your own understanding regarding this matter.
*Is this article interesting or effective (even if you do not agree with the opinion presented?)
(This assignment is a more formal version of critical thinking journals /CTJs which are notes)

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