Describe your reasons for your approach/decisions for each level.

Full instructions in attachement section.
Write a paper applying a theory of your choice (feminist theory, multicultural, critical race theory, Latino critical perspective, empowerment theory, systems theory, ecological, theories of masculinity, intersectionality, etc) that is being covered to a case from a documentary. For this assignment, review and consider from a micro, mezzo, and macro perspective how you would approach the case using the theory you have chosen as the foundation for your choices. Describe your reasons for your approach/decisions for each level. For instance, if I am choosing to do analyze the case from the documentary, The Dream is Now, I might choose Latino critical perspective to conduct my analysis.

Choose a theory or combination of theories for analysis
Choose a podcast to serve as your case study (examples included below)
The assignment should be a minimum of four pages.
Use four current peer-reviewed journal articles to support your choices.
Documentary: Private Violence (Domestic violence)
Examples for Paper sub-headings should be:(Use rubric for info for each subtitle)
Identify needs

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