Describe your unit lesson plan: how long (week, month, etc), how you will structure, themes covered in each day/week.

You will begin to work on this action plan early in the semester in a very structured way through class discussions and written reflections. By the end of the semester, you will develop a 8-10 page (excluding your title and reference pages) case study that focuses on at least one of the critical literacies issues discussed in the course including empowering ELLs through critical literacies, critical media literacy, multicultural analysis of texts and so forth. You will design your case study using the format provided by the instructor. In other words, you will have a teaching philosophy section based on your revised critical autobiography (written reflection #1), a case narrative section (hypothetical student and school case information), a research section and a critical literacy project plan to address the case.
Guidelines for Final Project
Section 1: Your teaching philosophy and positionality as a teacher for critical literacy (Plan for about 500-600 words for section 1)
In Section 1, describe the following aspects of this project.
The critical topic you chose for this critical lesson plan
The rationale for choosing the topic: You can describe the social, educational, cultural, and political significance of the topic.
What is your teaching philosophy? Your positionality as a teacher for critical literacy: Based on your critical autobiography, describe how your upbringings, education, trainings as a teacher (your identities- plural) influenced on your motivation to develop this lesson plan.
In addition, how you position yourself in teaching this topic (your role to teach this critical lessons for your racialized, non-racialized students).
Section 2: Your Critical Lesson Plan
Section 2-1: Theoretical Backgrounds for Critical Literacy Lessons
Read at least three current articles (including the course readings) related to the critical literacies issue you are interested in exploring. Analyze these articles, synthesize the key points you have learned about the issue, and make connections across the readings.
Section 2-2: A Summary of the Unit Plan
Describe your unit lesson plan: how long (week, month, etc), how you will structure, themes covered in each day/week.
Section 2-3: A Sample Lesson Plan
Present you’re lesson plan for a 40-50 min lesson as part of the unit plan. Include:
Student populations: demographic information of your students
Grade level:
Lesson Plan Goals:
Materials. Mentor Texts used:
Procedures: Include “core” questions you will ask to discuss the critical topic you chose.
Assessment: Briefly describe how you will assess students’ learning of the lesson goal.
Section 3: Final Comments
Briefly discuss what you learn (strengths, challenges) throughout the process to develop this lesson plan for critical literacy.
Reference Section.

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