Determine the extent and type of information needed, drawing upon a variety of sources

Classical (Aristotelian) Argument Essay Guide
In the course of writing this essay, students will learn the foundational components of research methodologies and information literacy. Students will learn to:
Formulate questions that can be investigated through research, collaboration, and writing
Structure an argument using the Classical oration method, demonstrating understanding of the six key components of argument – introduction (exordium), background (narratio), thesis (partitio), evidence (confirmatio), opposition (refutatio), and conclusion (peroratio) – and the power of structure in argument.

Develop a thesis that articulates a specific point of view or claim
Determine the extent and type of information needed, drawing upon a variety of sources
Conduct responsible research by evaluating and synthesizing relevant valid sources
Integrate source material effectively and ethically into coherent formal writing to accomplish a specific purpose
Document sources both in-text and in “References” accurately using APA documentation methods
Demonstrate academic integrity by avoiding plagiarism
Required Topics (electronic database sources in parentheses)
“Democracy Under Stress” (CQ Researcher)
“Standardized Testing” (Gale Opposing Viewpoints)
“Climate Change” (CQ Researcher)
“Plastic Waste” (Gale Opposing Viewpoints)
Law and Government
“Gun Control: Should the US Adopt Stronger Gun Control Laws?” (Issues and Controversies)
“Big Data” (Gale Opposing Viewpoints)
“Minimum Wage” (Issues and Controversies)
“Women and Work” (CQ Researcher)
Using one of the provided “Required Topics,” writers will craft an essay of 5-7 pages (1500-2100 words); essays that do not meet this development (length) requirement will earn a failing grade.
Research Requirement
Writers must integrate at least five (5) academically credible sources into this essay; one (1) of these sources must be an article from a scholarly journal or peer-reviewed periodical.
Essays that do not integrate and correctly attribute these sources will earn a failing grade.
Essays submitted to D2L receive a Turnitin Similarity Report which indicates the percentage of the essay’s text that is similar to other published and archived texts.
Essays that receive a report of 50% or higher will earn a zero grade (0/100). Students can see the Turnitin Similarity Report when they upload their essays, and they are free to revise and upload an improved copy before the assignment deadline. The last version of the essay posted is the one graded.

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