Determine the histology and possible imaging studies used to diagnose the disorder.

During your study, you may have found one of the medical disorders you read about to be especially interesting. This assignment gives you an opportunity to apply what you’ve learned by doing some research in outside sources and increasing your understanding of one disorder.
Select a single medical disorder that affects the skeletal, muscular,
integumentary, nervous, sensory, or endocrine systems. Determine the histology and possible imaging studies used to diagnose the disorder. Utilize other resources, including textbooks, journal articles, and primary websites, to validate your findings. Then prepare a
detailed report on the medical disorder, including the following elements:
Method(s) of diagnosis
Symptoms and complications of the disorder
Diagnostic findings from imaging and histology
Treatment of the disorder
Methods of prevention, if any
Directions for future research
The information from this course should be incorporated, but don’t limit yourself to what you’ve learned while studying this course.
This assignment is designed to help you apply what you’ve learned from your lessons by researching and writing about a medical disorder you’ve studied and to give you an opportunity to demonstrate your written communication and research skills.
Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, Times
New Roman or Arial font size 12. Use a standard document format with 1-inch margins. (Don’t use any fancy or cursive fonts.)
Include the following information at the top of your paper:
Name and complete mailing address
Student number
Course title and number (Anatomy and Physiology 1, SCI135)
Research project number (427318)
Read the assignment carefully and address the topic suggested. Use proper citation in APA style.
Be specific. Limit your submission to the main topic identified.
Include a reference page in APA style. On this page, list websites, journals, and all other references used in preparing the submission.
Proofread your work carefully. Check for correct spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
Written Communication
The student
Includes an introductory paragraph, a body, and a concluding paragraph
Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure
Provides clear organization (for example, uses words like first, however, on the other hand, and so on, consequently, since, next, and when)
Makes sure the paper contains no typographical errors

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