Develop a critique of positivism and/or scientific sociology using any one of: Weber’s antipositivism; Marxist critique; anti-colonial critique.

To show an understanding of a theoretical mode of analysis from the course to show how theoretical discourses engage with historical upheaval and social transformation, the nature and organization of society, the structure of power (or authority) they deploy or espouse, their approach to issues of inequality, and/or the structure of thought, knowledge, and understanding (take a pick, don’t try to do it all!).

Write a 10-page essay (double spaced, maximum 12 pages) in a scholarly format. Your essay should be built from direct quotes from course materials only (no paraphrasing and no research unless approved by Caitlin or Craig), and you must draw from at least two different course readings.
Theoretical Analysis

Develop a theoretical argument from a course author or school of thought. You can develop your own question or follow one of the following prompts:
Develop a critique of positivism and/or scientific sociology using any one of: Weber’s antipositivism; Marxist critique; anti-colonial critique.
Compare and contrast the sociology of order (Durkheimian or Weberian) with Marxist or anticolonial approaches. What is order? What are its effects?
Compare and contrast the approach of different thinkers concerning the question of the individual. What is its origins? What capacities does it have? What relationship does labour have to the individual? What structures or limitations is it subject to? What myths are created around the modern individual?
How is the modern world contrasted with preceding eras? What is unique about the modern? How is the pre-modern conceived in relation to the modern world?
How are social issues approached by one or more thinkers in the course? What kinds of issues do these thinkers present and how are these problems best approached? What does that say about these thinkers? Are they democratic? Technocratic? Revolutionary or reformist?
What is the structure of the state and how does it function?
What are the contradictions of capital accumulation? How does capital resolve its crises?
Examine different understandings of the sources and responses to social conflict.
Develop a critique of sociology. How is sociology constituted, what is its object, and what is the structure of knowledge? Or, what are the ways that sociology delimits knowledge or struggles to examine the validity of its knowledge claims? What antagonisms does it foster with other disciplinary or interdisciplinary methods of thought? What is the function of the “founding fathers” and how do they enable or constrain the discipline?
Compare and contrast materialist methodologies with idealist.
Examine the imperialist project and develop an anticolonialist critique.
What is bureaucracy and how does it work or not work?
How do classical theories influence contemporary theory? Use any of the recommended readings to link contemporary issues with classical theory. Work to show the influence of classical theory and note the modifications or revisions.
What is historical materialism? Or, dialectical materialism?
Note: Do not try to answer all the questions posed for your selected option. Conversely, if you think prompts from separate questions work well together then go for it. These are merely questions posed to help you orient your work. You are welcome to tackle your own questions as well, but you should consult with Caitlin or myself before doing so.
Things to pay attention to in your writing:
The introductory paragraph should identify what you will be analysing, why it is important, and must have a clear thesis (what you will argue) rather than just a topic.
Each paragraph should clarify a single idea sufficiently, with evidence drawn from the text to support your claims (you are encouraged to use direct citations).
The overall structure of your essay should be coherent, with an integrated discussion leading from one paragraph to the next. You can do a compare and contrast style of essay, if interested, but beware of tangents as you likely do not have space for them.
The overall significance of the works you are examining should be clearly articulated. That is, what is important about the work you are analysing in terms of your chosen field of theoretical study?
Formatting Requirements:
Use CMS citation style, with either in text or footnote citations. Endnotes are a product of the devil and should never be used, and APA is just the worst.
Include a bibliography at the end of your essay.
Include a title page
Do not centre or justify your text.
Include a title for your essay.
Double space your work.
Insert a header or footer with your name and the page number.
Use default font (Times New Roman), font size (12), and standard margins.
Use of subheaders to organize your essay is recommended. A subheader (Google it if necessary) should unify a minimum of 2-3 pages of work.

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