develop a customer centric sales strategy design to deliver long-term customer value

We have been contracted by Avon to develop a sales plan for increasing sales and distribution on small to midsize college campuses throughout the US. Avon is a big potential client for our firm which will increase our revenue base by 50% and give our firm a constant cashflow source of sales revenue. But only if we can develop and implement an effective sales plan for them. They would like us to test implement our strategy at local upstate area colleges like Limestone College and Gardener Webb University.

To snag the Avon account we will need to come up with and develop a customer centric sales strategy design to deliver long-term customer value. A good sales strategy will incorporate the following
1. Clarifying your sales objectives
2. Deciding how to reach the target customers
3. Planning and Supporting your sales effort
4. Monitoring and improving effectiveness
5. Taking into account the environment.
Base your sales strategy on Avon’s business model
A. Identify your objectives and goals
Set out in detail how you will deliver objectives to the target market segments .
Identify the target segments in the territory and the timescale involved
Identify promotion drives
Explain what your customer needs , what products they want and what level of service they expect.
Establish when, where and how your customers will buy.
Establish your sales goals. Over the coming year and month to month
B. Define the benefits and features of your business to each of the target market segments.
Explain how your going to prospect your customers
Explain how your going to approach each new customer. For example to win a customer you may create a loss leader or give your product away on a trial base
Explain your sales channels.
C. How will you generate more continued business with the target market
Set the plan to cross sell and up sell.
Identify the plan to keep customers happy and build relationships.
Be aware of, identify and manage, seasonal sales. D. Communicating with the customers and partners.
What Advertising and promotional material will you need to sell your product or services.
What will the College require to help and encourage the selling of Avon on their campus. Explain how and what will be needed to sell to colleges the idea of selling Avon.
E. Forecast your sales examining a breakdown of product categories.
How many leads do you assume you will need to achieve the forecasted growth. Determine the frequency and level of sales activity to generate sales. Decide how many sales people will be needed. Estimate Promotional materials, salaries and equipment budget.
F. Indicate what sales resources will be needed to support the plan
Consider equipment that will be needed. What kind of information technology will be needed.
Determine the training that will be needed for the sales people.
What kind of sales personnel will be needed (organization).
Identify the recruitment policies.
How will sales personnel be monitored and performance evaluated.
G. Commission and profits.
Identify the commission and profit rates of all the parties.
H. Identify major issues and problems in creating and implementing a sales management plan for Avon on college campuses.
This is a team project with a maximum length of 12 pages and minimum of 7 pages in 12 point font. You can have up to 5 extra pages of exhibits. Make sure you refer to your exhibits. You need to incorporate the concepts from the class and also have 3 article references which deal with some issue that you think will be a difficulty in creating a successful sales operation on college campuses for AVON. Completeness, grammar, spelling, and the incorporation of class concepts will be evaluated. You will also need to develop a short sales presentation. Extra points will be allotted for creativity and approach. Be prepared to talk about and evaluate plans. (Hint: you should do some market research).
Here is the Avon Online Catalog
Just take of pages 1-2 on the below file I will do page 3

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