Develop an understanding of how specific diseases are spread (the field of epidemiology); Learn to associate specific diseases with symptoms of infection.

Two of the course goals for Microbiology are:
Develop an understanding of how specific diseases are spread (the field of epidemiology); Learn to associate specific diseases with symptoms of infection. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have made a wonderful interactive website called “Solve The Outbreak” that will allow you to polish your epidemiology skills and identify specific diseases. You can follow this link to the website: Once you are at the site, you will see the images of two viruses with the instruction to “Tap A Virus Above To Select A Level”. Level 2 is locked until the user obtains 17,000 points from Level 1 simulations. So you will: Click on Level 1 You will see boxes that have the title of the simulation at the top. You will click and drag the mouse to the left or right to see more of the 12 simulations. To begin a simulation, click on the yellow “Start” button. You will read a brief introduction about a mysterious disease outbreak. To begin your investigation, click on, “I accept this mission”. You will read more about the case on the first Clue sheet, Clue #1. Make sure that you click on “Data” at the bottom to see data presented in a graph or table. You may also click on “Tip” or “Hint” if you need more information.
Once you have read the clue and have looked at extra data or information, you will be asked a multiple choice question under “Answer This Question”. If you answer correctly, you get points towards a promotion. If you answer incorrectly, you don’t get points (or sometimes you might get half of the available points for a partially correct answer). Each simulation has 5 clue sheets, so you will answer 5 questions in each simulation. A total of the points you’ve earned is presented at the end. Although there are 12 simulations available at the site, you will choose your three simulations from the following five simulations that I feel are most important to the content of our class:
“The Queens Killer”
“Case of the Conference Blues”
“Deadlier Than War”
“Birthday Party Gone Bad”
“Midterm Revenge” To recap, choose three of five the above simulations above to submit for this assignment. You will find a questionnaire sheet at this link, Solve-The-Outbreak Report Sheet, to fill out your responses once you have completed a simulation. Don’t worry if you didn’t answer many of the questions correctly. As long as you completely fill out the Results sheet, and get Questions 3-7 correct, you will receive one point. Each simulation is worth 1 point toward your course grade. The due date for all three reports is Friday, July 8th at 11:59 PM to the iCollege Drop Box or in-person on Wednesday, July 6th. You can submit them separately at any time before those dates.

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