Development Plan for Two Skills

Make sure to read the instructions below, the assignment template, and the rubric for Week 8 Assignment: Development Plan for Two Skills.To submit your assignment, please go to Week 8 Assignment in Blackboard by clicking the Week 8 Assignment link above.
STEP 1: Complete the Week 8 Assignment Template – Development Plan for Two Skills.
STEP 2: Save the template with your completed responses as a Word file titled Your Name_WRK100_Week_8_Assignment Skill Development Plan and submit in Blackboard in Week 8.Note: This is personal writing, so you shouldn’t need to cite anything, but if you choose to use information from a source, be sure to cite it. To help make sure you are properly citing any sources you might use, please review Strayer Writing Standards.
Review the Skill Development Plan Sample, which includes an example of a skill development plan for one skill.
•    Skill Development Plan Sample [DOCX].Review the career exploration guides available at Strayer University Career Center to prepare for the assignmentFor this assignment, you’ll identify two skills that you’d like to focus on and develop a plan for. This could be two of the skills you wrote about for the Week 2 Assignment – Employability Skills and the Future of Work, or two new skills. As you think of which skills you’d like to improve upon, consider choosing skills at varying levels. You might, for example, choose a skill that you are already strong in, but would be excited to continue exploring and building upon, as well as a skill in which you might have more room for growth. At the end of the assignment, you’ll leave with the beginning of a tangible plan for personal and professional development that you can review with the Career Center team.NOTE: Use your own words and do not cut and paste from the Skill Definition Table or any other source.Assignment Help Video: Week 8 Assignment WalkthroughInteractive Assignment WalkthroughIf you’d like to work on your assignment while watching the help video, click on the interactive video below recorded by Dr. Nicole Morris. As you watch the video, you’ll be able to answer the questions along the way. After you have answered each of the questions and reach the end of the video, you will then download a Word document with your answers. Then you will submit your completed document to Blackboard for grading.If you need help, check out the PlayPosit Help Document PDF .If you are using a mobile device, please use this link.

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