Did those improvements live up to the promise of Reconstruction?

Pick two of the four primary sources I’ve attached
Chapter 16-18 and 20-26
Three secondary sources
Looking back from thAmerican in 1940, was Reconstruction a failure?
e perspective of a black Some help getting started: to what extent did the lives of black Americans improve from 1865 to 1940? Did those improvements live up to the promise
of Reconstruction?
Include a word count at the top of the essay.
Write a well-organized, analytical essay. You should have an introduction that includes a thesis statement, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
In your essay, be sure to draw on and cite a variety of course sources (Crash Course, lectures, the textbook, and primary sources) to offer specific
examples that will support your argument. Do not use outside sources. In the rubric (see below), note that I have specified that you must draw on
and cite at least two primary sources we have used this semester. Use sources that I assigned specifically or those included in the textbook. e.g., the
four sources from the Reconstruction discussion. You should also draw on and cite at least three secondary sources. Secondary sources include the
textbook (different chapters can count as more than one secondary source), my lectures, the Crash Course videos, and so on.

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