Directions Create an Annotated Bibliography that meets the following requiremen

Create an Annotated Bibliography that meets the following requirements:
* A minimum of four entries must be included in your Annotated Bibliography. Remember that an entry is both a citation AND annotation as shown in the example below.
* Two sources must be scholarly materials available through the Hondros library.
* Each source must be cited in a full APA citation.
* Each citation must include a one-paragraph annotation of 5-8 sentences beneath it that provides:
* A summary of the source, including identifying what type of source it is (journal article, newspaper article, website, etc.)
* A brief evaluation of the source for quality which touches on a minimum of one element of CRAAP.
* A brief statement of how this source will bring value to a research-based writing assignment.
To Review, an Annotated Bibliography is a list of sources that consists of two main components:
1. An APA citation for each source
2. A one paragraph annotation that addresses what the source is about (a summary, written in your own words), the source’s overall quality, and how useful the source may be to your topic.
All citations present are accurately cited in APA format
The tone of the annotation is consistently formal and academic and all resources align with a single healthcare-related topic.
Every annotation fully describes the type of resource and provides a thorough overview of what information the source contains.
All sources are evaluated for at least one element of the CRAAP test. Evaluations are thorough and provide great insight as to the quality of the resource.
This piece has been revised and edited very well. There may be just a few small errors, but they do not detract from the readability of the piece.
The document is in proper APA format, including both the title page and proper usage of the hanging indent, font size, and double-spacing.

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