Dis 11   Compare and contrast non-Western and European painting. For example,

Dis 11
Compare and contrast non-Western and European painting. For example, explain the attitude of traditional Chinese painters towards space, the picture surface, ambiguity and inscriptions. How does this differ from paintings done by Western European painters? Provide two works of art as examples in your response.
Compare and contrast non-Western and European architecture. Use buildings/cathedrals from Week 5 and Week 6 readings. For example, consider differences in Buddhist, Hindu, and Islamic architecture (select one) with that of Western European architecture. Consider interior and exterior space and decoration. Provide examples in your response.
Dis 12
 Select an abstract work of art from this week’s readings, from the Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History website, or any reputable art museum site (cite the source and include an image). Is it necessary to know the title of the piece to fully appreciate the work, or any other non-representational work? Why or why not? Defend your position. 
Dis 13
If subject matter is what is being depicted in a work of art, what is the subject of non-representational works such as Blue, Orange, Red by Mark Rothko and Autumn Rhythm by Jackson Pollock?
What is Donald Judd communicating in his piece titled 100 Untitled Works in Mill Aluminum? What do you think the content is? How does the form help the artist express the content? How does the work of Pollock and Judd differ?
Explain how you feel when viewing an artwork without representational imagery, storytelling, or explicit personal feeling. Can shapes and colors evoke emotion and interpretation?
Identify visual elements and principles of design in your analysis.
Dis 14
 Discuss the role that public art has played in past and present society and speculate about the role it will play in the future. Use two examples of public art from Chapters 15–25 of the textbook to support your answers. Be sure to include one contemporary example and one from the past. Consider the role that socially engaged art plays in current society to address social and political concerns. 
Dis 15
Share your art exhibit with the class by posting your submission to the discussions area.  View your classmate’s exhibits and comment on their selected artworks and presentation.
In addition to sharing your exhibit, share your final thoughts about what you’ve learned and how you feel what you have learned in the class will influence your life moving forward. 

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