Discovery and research are so important in the study of history.

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1.  Discovery and research are so important in the study of history. Using one of the themes in class as per the syllabus, locate one primary and one secondary source outside of your Foner text. Either upload a photo or have the URL ready as part of your presentation. Describe each piece you’ve decided to use. What are they? Where did you find them? What is their significance? What do they discuss? Who is the author? Are they primary or secondary sources and why? How would you cite these sources?

2. We are living in the age of the internet. Just because something is written online, it does not mean it is accurate or reliable. This can make websites both useful and harmful to research. Based upon what we’ve learned, please present a website (do NOT use Wikipedia) that you consider to be helpful to historians and their research and one that you found that is either harmful or can be harmful (do NOT use Wikipedia) pertaining to the same content you previously discussed. Why did you come to your conclusions on both?

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