-discuss the framework of the theory.

You will select a middle-range theory and identify the application of nursing theories into clinical practice.
Content Requirements:
1- Components of the theory
-Discuss the major concepts of the theory
-Philosophical basis or worldview change, advancing health
2- Structural aspects of the theory
-Discuss the framework of the theory.
3-Identify an area of your practice where this theory could be applicable
-What question does the theory help to answer?
-Describe the area of interest in relation to the
theory/theoretical model.
-Is it appropriate for the practice setting and is it applicable?
-Discuss the strength and weaknesses of the theory. If there is a weakness, discuss what makes it difficult to be used in practice.
4- Use of theory in clinical practice.
-Performing a literature review is essential to completing this section. If there is no literature available about the application of this theory in practice, address the reason(s) why based on your findings.
5-Evaluation of theory
-Is this theory used to understand and apply into practice?
-What difficulties did you encounter or would you anticipate encountering in using this theory?
-What would make this theory more usable or applicable to practice?

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