Discuss the impact of Corona Virus on the economy of the country that you picked for this project

Part 1 (25 points)
A- Pick any country of your interest (you can use the same country that you studied in your midterm project if you want) and search for data for the following six variables from years 2000 to 2018. Make sure all of the data are in the same units (either millions, billions or trillions). If the data sources are giving you different units, unify them and convert them all to one unit. – Inflation (%)
– Unemployment (%)

– National debt
– Economic Growth (%)
– The currency exchange rate against any other currency of your choice – Income taxes (Values or % of GDP)
B- Graph Each variable in the variable data page. (All graphs have to be on computer. Never by hand)
– Ask excel to graph the variable for you. – On the vertical axis you can put the variable and on the horizontal axis you will put the years.
C- In the second page (for the variable) write a report about the variable in three points as follows,
A- What is the variable: Define it.
B. How it changed across the 18 years? Increased? Decreased? Increased then decreased? ….etc.
C. Why you think it changed the way it did. This “Why” Part is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the whole project. Dedicate at least two paragraphs to elaborate on it. Be aware that 50% of the grade of part 1 will be on the “why” part. You collected the data, graphed it and did all this work in order to be able to explain WHY this variable changed the way it did. Be analytical, be creative and generous.
Part 2 (25 points)

A- Discuss the impact of Corona Virus on the economy of the country that you picked for this project. Discuss how the pandemic affected the variables of the economy (pick any six variables that may interest you and discuss the impact of the pandemic on them). Variables such as GPD, EG, Inflation, Unemployment, National debt, Government spending, Investment spending .. etc..
B- Discuss the monetary policy and fiscal policy that the government and the central bank- of the country that you choosed – undertook. What did they do about the money supply, interest rate, taxes and government spending? Then discuss any observable impact for these policy on the economy.
For your discussions for questions A and question B write your ideas in bullets not in paragraphs. Make clears statements and show analytical writing that reflects reading and research about the country and how did the pandemic affect its economy. C- Graph a business cycle that shows where country that you picked for this project located on the aggregate expenditures before the pandemic (before march 2020) and where the country is located currently (illustrating the impact of the monetary and physical policies.)
Part 1 and 2 of this project requires extensive of readings. Please read for your analysis and list the references that you have used after each part.
Warning: NEVER copy a word from any sources.

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