Discuss the implication of prior civil rights violations and being on judicial watch.

You are a newly appointed Chief of Police for Los Angeles County. The prior police chief retired after the agency was successfully sued for civil rights violations. The agency is now under judicial watch. The prior police chief implemented a COPS program that also included a new Fusion Center, but many veterans complain that COPS methods, such as S.A.R.A., are too time consuming and do not allow them to use their years of expertise. These new programs are also under fire for the additional costs, and the mayor is asking you to validate those costs.

Identify your various roles regarding implementation of S.A.R.A. and the Fusion Center, including your roles as informational officer, motivator, coordinator, negotiator, and recruiter (keep in mind the analytical skills necessary to implement these programs). Discuss the implication of prior civil rights violations and being on judicial watch. Also identify benefits and opportunities, as well as unintended consequences and challenges. Finally, justify the program costs to the mayor, and how you will address the veteran officers’ concerns.

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