discuss the plot elements within our course novel, Farenheit 451.

This week you have a big assignment coming due where you discuss the plot elements within our course novel, Farenheit 451.
750 – 1000 words (3-4 pages) plus a Works cited page for the novel itself. Make sure you double space, indent paragraphs, no subheadings, third person point of view only.
Each supporting paragraph needs to mention the specific portion of the narrative structure in the topic sentence. You must directly discuss exposition, rising action, climax, etc. within the paragraph. You must include a short textual reference from the novel. Show the reader where the climax is happening…or where the resolution comes in, etc. Avoid quoting large chunks…no block quotes…just a sentence is enough 🙂

Bradbury uses exposition in an unusual way.
Climax is a tool Bradbury handled with tremendous skill.
Note: Each topic sentence will name a specific element of the narrative structure.
Cite using correct MLA format. Cite Hemingway and the page number the first time…then only the page number in all citations that follow.
Remember, third person point of view only to stay out of “C” range.

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