discuss the role interest groups play in the American political system and how they attempt to shape public policy.

Topic: Write a paper in which you discuss the role interest groups play in the American political system and how they attempt to shape public policy. After that, select a specific national piece of legislation during the Obama or Trump administration and identify two groups in favor of the legislation and two groups opposed to the legislation. Explain how the groups attempted to influence the passage or defeat of the legislation.
This Research Paper Part 2 is a continuation of Part 1.
It is the final paper following the outline developed in Part 1.
Your final FULL research paper should be in at least 1500 words, excluding the title page and the reference page (DO NOT include the annotated bibliography in the final paper and DO NOT INCLUDE an abstract).
APA IN TEXT CITATIONS ARE REQUIRED throughout your paper for ALL AREAS where you paraphrase information, share details, or otherwise make declarative statements based on information you learned from a source.
Your paper should incorporate a critical and thorough analysis of the topic.
Your analysis should be structured following the outline submitted in Part 1.
Proper transition words and writing standards should be used to make your analysis flow logically.
The final paper should include research from a total of ten 10 sources that include college level information.
DO NOT include encyclopedias, dictionaries, study tools, or wiki blogs in a college level paper. Those are k-12 level sources and not college level.
The project must be written in the APA Writing format.

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