Discuss the root causes of sexism and the role hr plays regarding sexism in the workplace for your initial post.

Threaded discussion is a major component of this course. Words are powerful. Both the written word and the spoken word can have a positive or negative impact on a reader or listener. Please be mindful of the fact that some or all students in this class may have had, or are having, workplace experiences of discrimination or harassment. As such, address all posts with civility and professionalism. The Civility section of the Course Outline will be strictly enforced.
It is especially crucial in an academic setting to contribute to discussions in a collegial manner and support your posts with relevant citations to the textbook. This manner of communication is vastly different from social media postings of opinion-based rhetoric.
Please use classmates’ names in your posts when responding to them. For the highest performance and points, submit your initial post early enough in the week to allow for maximum exchange. Then, respond to two or more students with two or more additional posts on two or more different days to see the progression of the discussion throughout the week.
Discuss the root causes of sexism and the role HR plays regarding sexism in the workplace for your initial post.
Initial post should be 2-4 complete paragraphs.
Give detailed examples of various HR functions where sexism may occur.
Discuss any legal ramifications and how the law may apply to various situations.
Examine the consequences of sexism as they relate to an employer’s exposure to liability.
Cite scholarly, peer-reviewed resources in APA to support your ideas.

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