Discuss whether or not job analysis is relevant to internal alignment.

This is a Discussion Topics there are two separate question s that are kisted below please make sure when u answrr the questions separate from 1 question to the 2 quetsion please – Provide detailed answers 1st questions below Job Analysis is considered the cornerstone of human resource management. – Discuss how job analysis supports managers in making pay decisions.
– Discuss whether or not job analysis is relevant to internal alignment. 2 question below External competitiveness focuses on pay comparisons outside the organization. It refers to the pay relationships among organizations relative to its competitors. To achieve a competitive advantage many companies have integrated various types of benefits into their pay mix strategies. Research and select 1 company which you feel demonstrates innovative benefit practices. Discuss the benefit which the company offers. What have been the results of offering the benefit? Discuss how the benefit assists the company in achieving it’s competitive business strategies.

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