Discuss your academic experience related to your career path. How do these courses apply to your desired or chosen career path

Write an essay in which you reflect on your program of study and the courses you have completed. Be sure to reflect and discuss your college courses and minor/concentration courses related to your Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree.
Discuss your academic experience related to your career path. How do these courses apply to your desired or chosen career path? Which courses stand out as most useful or relevant? Which helped you as a person, or just interested you, even though you are not sure they will be relevant to your career?
If you are taking other classes along with this capstone, how do those classes enrich you, or prepare you for future employment? If you are completing this course while employed full time, you might also reflect on how, and if, your previous coursework has prepared you for your career.
Peer review requirements due in two weeks:
Review the Academic Reflection rubric and score your classmate’s paper accordingly. In addition, post feedback addressing the following questions:
Did the reflection clearly identify the student’s minor or concentration? If so, what is the minor/concentration? If not, provide suggestions for the final portfolio revision.
As the peer reviewer, name three courses or subject areas that stood out to you. Example why each of these courses or subject areas stood out to you? If the reflection did not include this component, offer suggestions for final portfolio improvement.
Offer the writer one overall improvement to consider for the final portfolio submission.
To assist me with awarding points for your peer reviews, please number your comments 1., 2., and 3.
Simple “yes” or “no” answers will not be granted credit.

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