discussion 1 For this week “KANOPY”-FILM, the discussion board will focus on three of the ass

discussion 1
For this week, the discussion board will focus on three of the assigned articles: “Eating Christmas in the Kalahari”, by Richard Lee (article 1.2 in the Annual Editions Book and uploaded to Canvas) (Lee- Eating Christmas in the Kalahari Download Lee- Eating Christmas in the Kalahari), “Shakespeare in the Bush” by Laura Bohannon (uploaded to Canvas) (Bohannon – Shakespeare in the bush Download Bohannon – Shakespeare in the bush) and “When Does Life Begin” by Lynn Morgan (also uploaded to Canvas) (Morgan – when does life begin Download Morgan – when does life begin).

After you have read all three articles, why do you think I assigned these three articles together? What is an important thread that connects them and relates to what we have been discussing in class this week (there can be more than one valid answer!)? I would also like to hear your thoughts about one or two of the articles and some of the main themes you drew from them.
Remember that in order to earn the full points for the discussion board, your initial post must be a minimum of 10 lines and be well developed, and your two responses must be more than five lines and have to contribute something substantial to the conversation
Discussion 2
As you watch the film, pay attention to the various interactions and the way in which different individuals from different cultures view the events depicted in the film. In your DB post go ahead and highlight some of your observations and thoughts, along with anything else that caught your attention. Some of the themes you may pick up on are power differences, gender, language, culture change, ethnicity, and many others. I do want to highlight one very important thing about the film that sometimes confuses students – the Leahy Brothers (who are shown in the film) are not Anthropologists – they are gold prospectors. They are not doing anthropology and they are not really interested in studying the cultures they are meeting. They are trying to find gold and become wealthy. Remember that you need to make an initial post and then reply to two of your classmates’ posts.

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