Discussion: CBT Techniques for Panic Disorder Discussion Topic Task: Reply to th

Discussion: CBT Techniques for Panic Disorder
Discussion Topic
Task: Reply to this topic
You see a client who has the diagnosis, Panic disorder. The client exhibits the following emotional responses: anxiety, fear, and terror, as well as the following behavioral responses: hypervigilance and avoidance. Describe the various CBT techniques you can employ to address both the client’s emotional and behavioral responses.
Post your initial discussion by 11:59 PM ET on Thursday. Posts are a minimum of 250 words, scholarly written, APA formatted (with some exceptions due to limitations in the D2L editor), and a minimum of 2 references (which may include the course textbook).The initial discussion post and discussion response should occur on two different calendar days of each electronic week. These are not the complete instructions for participating in discussions. See the “Grading Rubric for Online Discussions – 500 level” found in the Course Resources module.

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