Do boxplots of penguin body_mass_g versus species.

Lab 2 Report Rubric
The lab 2 report should be a 1-3 page MS Word document (double spaced, 1″ margins). The report should address the following 5 topics:
1. Plot a scatterplot for bill_depth_mm (x) vs. body_mass_g (y) of Gentoo penguins. Export this figure to your Word document by copying or saving as a jpg or png file and inserting it into the Word document. You can insert either an Excel or an R graphic.
2. Find the p-value for the null hypothesis that the slope of the linear regression for the plot in Question 1 is zero.
3. Do boxplots of penguin body_mass_g versus species. This can only be done with R since Excel does not have a boxplot graphic.
4. Test the null hypothesis that the body mass of Adelie penguins is equal to the body mass of Chinstrap penguins with an unequal variance or Welch’s t test. Note that p-values much larger that 0.05 provide little evidence for rejecting the null hypothesis.
5. Write a brief assessment of whether you’d like to learn more about Excel and the R programming language.

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