Do not use pictures, diagrams, charts, or sketches within the body of the paper.

his writing assignment analyzes leadership doctrine and concepts from the L200, Developing Organizations and Leaders, L211, Organizational Stress, L301, Leadership and Mission Command, and L308, Leadership in Irregular Warfare lessons. Complete this assignment utilizing some of the concepts covered in the lesson reading assignments along with other academic sources. The paper will be in APA format, and you must include a title and reference page. You do not need a thesis statement; however, you must present a PURPOSE statement. It must appear in the last one or two sentence(s) of the introduction paragraph. (Ex: “The purpose of this paper is…”). You must include a minimum of four references with appropriate in text citations. More references may lead to a higher score. You must write your paper using the third-person narrative mode (Do not use the first-person or second-person narrative modes for this paper.) and include examples of real-world events or experiences to support your conclusions. You must review the grading rubric to ensure you addressed all your writing requirements. The paper will have 1,000 to 2,000 words of content (does not include the title and reference pages). DO NOT use pictures, diagrams, charts, or sketches within the body of the paper. You will use Times New Roman, 12-font, and double-spaced. Do not try to cover everything. Focus on the factors you consider most important during your analysis.
You will write a 1000-word to 2000-word (not including the cover and reference pages) paper addressing and analyzing the following areas from the L200, L211, L301, and L308 lessons.
Thoroughly analyze how leaders may have to adjust their leadership attributes of character, presence, and intellect during irregular warfare. Then thoroughly analyze the challenges of managing stress during irregular warfare. Lastly, explain why the mission command principle of create a shared understanding will be extremely important during irregular warfare. Your analysis must include examples of real-world/life events that support your conclusions.
In the Introduction start with Leadership in Irregular Warfare

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