Do you agree or disagree with their argument?

Create a written post with an image.
Prompts to choose from. Choose 1.
Discuss ‘zones’ in either Russian or Czech terms, or both, and give examples. See lecture slides.
How and when have American artists been ‘censored’? What type of art, literature or film has been censored? Give specific examples.
Discuss the Cold War mentality in America after WW2. How did Cold War fears spawn anti-Communist projects such as McCarthyism? (“red scare”) Why was art made by Abstract Expressionists taken up by the CIA as a way to counter-act Communism?
What is Clement Greenberg’s idea of “pure” art? How was Abstract Expressionism, despite its rule-breaking tendencies, “pure” ?
Discuss favorite works of art seen in the lecture material this week. Compare and contrast them for how they use ‘abstraction.’
Comment critically on the post of another student. Have they put their points across? Have they given examples? Do you agree or disagree with their argument?
Extra Credit – 3 points
Complete the Timeline – Add other details, events, artworks or collective activity.
1913 – 1930s – Russia, Kazemir Malevich, Suprematist/Constructivist
1917 – Bolshevik revolution.
1919 – 1933. Bauhaus art school, Weimar, Germany
1929 – Museum of Modern Art founded, New York City.
1936 – 1945 – World War 2.
1940s- 1950s – United State, Abstract Expressionism – Pollack, Motherwell, Rothko, Gottlieb, Gorky, Kline, Neuman, etc.
1950s – United States, Pop Art, Minimalism,
1960s – Conceptual Art.
1970s Russian Collective Art Group, Moscow Conceptualism
1970s – Czech – Jiri Kovando’s Contacbcit, etc. performed in Prague.

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