Do you agree with her conceptualization?

1- What is the main argument developed by Glazer in “Is Assimilation Death”?
2- In “What is the Canonical Theory of Assimilation, Robert E. Park and His Predecessor,” Kivisto analyzed the concept of assimilation. Based on the article and our in-class discussion, answer the following questions
– What is assimilation? Make sure to include Mayo-Smith, Simons, and Park’s reflection on assimilation.
– According to Mayo-Smith, what are the main forces promoting assimilation?
3- In his article, Kivisto includes this Simon’s quote:
“In brief, the function of assimilation is the establishment of homogeneity within the group, but this does not mean that all variation shall be crushed out. In vital matters, such as language, ideas of government, law, and education, uniformity shall prevail in personal matters or religion, habits of life, however, individuality shall allow free play. Thus, the spread of ‘consciousness of kind’ must be accompanied by the spread of conscious individuality.”
a. How does Simon understand assimilation? Do you agree with her conceptualization? Why?
b. In your opnion, do you think that education can be used as a tool of assimilation? Why?
➢ Extension: you answer should be between 400 and 500 words
➢ Paragraph: single-space
➢ Font: 12-point, Times New Roman
Read and answer the questions provided

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