Do you agree with some of the values you’ve been taught but not others?

This application paper will ask you to focus on your own Implicit Bias. This reflection asks you to be thorough in your exploration of your history, family value system, life experiences, and personal obstacles that lead to these unconscious biases.
While you may choose the way your structure and organize your paper, I expect the following to be covered in your reflection:
• A history of the environment you grew up in and an explanation of your family value system. Do you still align with the value system you grew up with? If not, what made you change? Do you agree with some of the values you’ve been taught but not others?
• A history of your community- did you agree with your community worldview? Or find that you differed?
• Relationships that helped shape your worldview and how they did so. While we all are impacted by our parents/parental figures, we are also shaped by our relationships with peers, community leaders, significant others, supervisors, mentors, extended family, etc.
• Identification of biases that may impact specific populations you provide treatment to. Were you surprised to recognize some of these biases, or have you had an awareness throughout your life? Does it trigger any emotions in you to recognize your own implicit biases?
• What are some ways to work through these biasbcies to avoid impacting client treatment?

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