Do you agree with this statement – yes/no?

Part 1 (6 Points).Toyota has been given a lot of press and acknowledgment for their approach to creating TPS, and rightly so.
1.1 But in today’s implementation of Lean, how many organizations buy into the total culture change that TPS and Lean really require? (2 points)
1.2 Can share an organization name that uses Lean, for any product or service in any country perhaps? (2 points)
1.3 Do include your rationale for the above perspective as shared (1 point) and comment (1 point) on anyone other students posts when sharing your perspective on the above two questions.
Part 2 (2 points). “Usually if done well, there are immediate cost savings from reducing waste, so Lean tools are expanded across a manufacturing department.” Do you agree with this statement – yes/no? Why or why not? (1 point) Include your rationale in the explanation as shared (.5 points) and comment on any other student’s post for this question (.5 points)
Part 3 (2 points). Discuss one characteristic or measurement for improvement i.e a metric that every lean transformation should entail. (1 point) Share your assumption as well for the recommendation made.(.5 points) and comment on any other’s students post for this question(.5 points)
Important – When commenting on your classmate’s posts please follow the discussion guidelines shared earlier.
Good luck!

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