Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written during the Victorian period, an era that hig

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was written during the Victorian period, an era that highly valued formal language. How could you update a scene with a more modern setting and more modern language. For example:
Setting: Cars are driving past; the noise of an elevated train interrupts their conversation; Hyde is listening to music with headphones and doesn’t realize Utterson is there; etc.
Language: “Mr. Hyde stepped back, but he was only startled for a second. He didn’t look the lawyer in the face, but said, “That’s me. Whadda ya want?”
Pick a scene from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and modernize that scene, be sure to identify the chapter your scene comes from. Change the Victorian setting to a Modern setting, and change the formal, Victorian language into modern language including slang words. Be sure your submission includes the following:
A Modern setting.
Modern language, including slang (appropriate slang only).
Paraphrasing to eliminate challenging vocabulary and sentence structures.
A scene condensed into one or two pages.

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