Essay #1 Assignment PromptThis essay assignment will offer you to do three thin

Essay #1 Assignment Prompt
This essay assignment will offer you to do three things at one time: 1) analyzing one artwork and interpreting its significance 2) using literary terms 3) distinguishing your own voice and making an analytical argument.
For this assignment, you will analyze one recent piece of art or literature (movie, book, poem, story, etc.). This exercise tests your ability to consider the literary elements used in literature and art, such as tone and word choice. You will use those terms to interpret ONE artwork and connect it to your own argument about what art or literature means to a community or generation to which you belong.

Your essay should include:
your interpretation of one recent (in the last 5 years) artwork or piece of literature (movie, book, poem, story, etc.)
use of at least two literary elements from the OWL glossary to discuss how you interpret the artwork
a clear thesis/claim about why this artwork shows what art or literature means to your generation or community
Your essay analyzes the artwork you chose. But the work doesn’t stop there: You will also need to distinguish your own voice and make a claim about what art means to your community or generation. This is where you and your voice come in.
※I will upload sample draft. The instruction wants content like a sample draft. So, please read it.

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